2018-Present | Experimentation

Various experiments around comics.

"The Falafel and the Bridge", one-page comics about an impactful event in the city. Pencil on paper, 2019

Contribution to Mazza Fanzine's third issue, "Playlist Mazza", launched as part of the Beyrouth Livres Festival. My contribution is based on Mashrou' Leila's 2019 song "Radio Romance". Ink on paper, colored digitally, 2023

"We Closed the Ring, Diriring Diriring" - Page 1 & 2 [Read from right to left]

Four-page comics published in "Thawra Comics: Narratives from the Revolution", a collection of comics about the 2019 Lebanese uprising, by graphic design students of the Alternative Comics course offered by Lina Ghaibeh at the American University of Beirut. Black pen on paper, 2019

"We Closed the Ring, Diriring Diriring" - Page 3 & 4 [Read from right to left]