2020-2022 | Naming, Brand Identity, Packaging, Social Media, Photography Creative Direction
Done at: Unkoated | Graphic Designer: Chiara VZ | Creative Director: Laetitia Keyrouz | Photographers: Francesca Matta and Lara Chahine

Derived from the latin word "Iter", Etere means journey. 
It is a lifestyle brand that offers a wide range of products, merchandise & retail that you use in your everyday life. It is a message of self care and self love. It is a daily trigger to a mindful present. It is your hand picked companion and a spark of positivity - a reminder to enjoy the little things in life.

The logotype centered on the star on top of the letter "e" became the emblem of the brand. The visual elements depicted from the letters of the logotype and mixed with classical elements elicit emotions. (Water, sun, sky, star, moon, nature...)
The mixture between the visual shapes, the elements, the colors, the patterns and the typographic compositions creates a versatile & dynamic brand identity.