Lettres à Beyrouth
2020 | Postcard Set | Student Project American University of Beirut

Lettres à Beyrouth (English title: Letters to/in Beirut) is a postcards set that was written and designed during the first confinement in March 2020.
Collection 1: Rêves et Ruines (Dreams and Ruins)
This series is about ruins and dreams and focuses on a dream I had in the beginning of the confinement; a very vivid dream that allowed me to be somewhere else for a moment. I used photographs of ruins that I took with my analog camera, that relate to the story I am telling. 

Collection 2: Solitude et Réflexions (Solitude and Reflections)
This series focuses on thoughts and reflections I had on the city, on sleepless, lonely nights. It draws a parallel between my texts and more abstract "stories" on the front, that are based on street typography (from signs, to graffiti, to posters, to calligraphy...). Words, language, and the way they are used say a lot about a city. 

Collection 3: Rencontres et Identités (Encounters and Identities)
This series is about people, and what links them to the city. The postcards are dedicated to 3 different people: the last person I saw before the beginning of the confinement, a person I see everyday, and a person I will probably never see again.