2022 Single Covers, Illustration
Done at: Unkoated | Creative Director: Laetitia Keyrouz

Louss is a French-Lebanese musician who translates his eagerness of understanding life and love throug his music. The various mix of his influences puts his sound in between pop, indie rock and a splash of hiphop, which produces an interesting musical palette that is both dreamy and catchy. The main desire behind his creations is to be able to share as many feelings and emotions as possible and create a world to which listeners can relate.

His first four singles, Mirage, Ciel, Lumière and Des Mots were released in 2022, and although they are not part of an album, they are linked by a common thread, that was carried throughout the cover designs. The chosen visual approach is bright yet dreamy, just like his music. Each cover is composed of a central element that derives from the theme of the song, and assembled in a harmonious balance of details and colors.

Listen to his music here.

Sun sketches