Mouawad Artisans
2019 | Cart Design | Student Project American University of Beirut
Group: Chiara VZ, Giorgia Labaki, Farah Baz and Mira Khoury

This cart is a mobile display created for Mouawad Artisans, a jewelry shop located in Hamra neighborhood, Beirut. It allows to display earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, belts, and has an integrated workshop space in order to create customizable pieces on the spot.

Cart attached to a bike

Display of the items in their dedicated spaces

Sliding wooden door to close the back of the cart

Display of the bookmarks, coins and belts

Display of the bracelets

Workshop space with nails to hang the tools, and metal hanging boxes for the various pieces that are needed to make jewels

Light bulb in order to make the workshop space more comfortable

Holed metal sheets used to display earrings and necklaces

Holed metal sheets used to display earrings and necklaces.