Ode to Beirut
2020 | Publication Design | Graduation Project American University of Beirut

Ode to Beirut is a trilingual (English/French/Arabic) artist book that acts as a celebration of Beirut through a poetic interpretation of the city. It is an exploration and immersion in the experience Beirut offers, in its intensity and essence, a love letter to the city. The publication includes bits and pieces of texts, stories, poems, and lyrics that reflect a passion for Beirut. Each text is in the original language it was written in, not translated: Arabic, English or French. Some were written by known writers, poets and singers, others by friends of mine, others by myself. Ode to Beirut is a limited-edition book, that can be found in special bookstores that sell artists books, fanzines, diaries and all sorts of alternative publications.

Format: 14.8 x 21 cm​​​​​​​