2021 | Naming, Bilingual Brand Identity, Packaging, Signage
Done at: Unkoated | Creative Director: Laetitia Keyrouz

The brief was to create a fun and unique visual identity for an authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Abu Dhabi that specializes in oven-cooked pizza. The main point was to emphasize the authenticity of the menu through the visuals, while also adding a modern and fun flare to appeal to the younger audience.

After thorough research on genuine Italian restaurants and their cultural niches, while also straying away from cliches and kitsch, the right visual approach emerged. The identity is centered around a condensed logotype, in both Latin and Arabic scripts, set apart by a contrasting colorful outline. It has the feel of an authentic Italian eatery, with a twist that makes it a bit edgy. The logotype becomes a versatile, dynamic and recognizable stamp that is frequently used oversized in the applications.

The color palette is inspired by the colors of the Italian flag and consists of warm revisited tones (green, white and orange) to reflect the idea of simple feel-good food served fresh and hot. Paired with clean line illustrations that represent Italian ingredients and food, the identity creates a feel of comfort while also establishing a contemporary interpretation of traditional Italian visuals.  

The identity, with its simplicity, when applied constitutes a uniform and recognizable whole that sets it apart from its surrounding while remaining quite cohesive with the city's fabric.