The degrees of love in the Arabic language
2023 Book Design, Arabic Typography | Student Project | Higher Institute for Artistic Industries of Urbino (ISIA U)

In Arabic, there are around fifty words that express the different stages of love. From attraction to desire, from passion to madness, from sadness to lovesickness, and all the nuances in between. This book is a collection of these complex nuances.

Each spread is dedicated to an arabic word, translated into 3 languages (english, italian, french), and expressed through an abstract typographic composition made of the letters of the word.

Format: 14.8 x 21 cm, 80 pages, handbound
Latin font: Gotham Narrow by Tobias Frere-Jones
Arabic font: Greta Arabic by Kristyan Sarkis
[This is a student project, I do not own the rights to these fonts]

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